Coaches Biography

Bert Kitade

I grew up in Sacramento and played and coached in various Japanese Leagues. After graduating with a MBA, I moved from Sacramento to San Jose to work for a CPA firm and, later, for Capcom in an executive position. I was not around basketball since I left Sacramento until I started to coach a team at the East Valley YMCA.

After several seasons, I wanted more control over the amount of practice time. Therefore, I with some of the parents decided to form our own league using Mt. Pleasant High School gym. From the Japanese leagues I played and coached in, I adapted a lot of their ideas and techniques to organize BDL.

From the original thirty-two players back in 2005, the league has grown to over 150 players today. This league has been word of mouth because we wanted to limit the number of players, since we have limited resources and the league is made up of volunteers.

One of my favorite player divisions to coach in recent years has been the Rookies. I have been amazed at how well they play at such young ages. I also enjoy talking to many of the original players who comeback to see me. Many are now in college and some of them have even graduated.

A couple of my favorite quotes are from John Wooden, formerly the coach of the UCLA Bruins, “You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you" and “The coach is first of all a teacher.”

Ernie Garcia

I coached at BDL for 6 years and I played for Bert before there even was BDL. I played 3 Years of varsity for Mt Pleasant High School. I went from being a bench warmer in middle school to becoming a starter for varsity in high school. Another big honor and accomplishment is receiving the Hotchkiss award. My coaching experience is only from BDL. I love basketball, it is my passion. I also enjoy working with kids. Seeing a child get better in basketball is very rewarding. Also, understanding that working hard pays off in anything. I want to instill the love and passion in the kids that I have for this game.

Cutum Derecho

I am a former player in BDL since season 1. I started coaching when I outgrew the age limit to participate in the league. I have been coaching consistently since then, which puts me at about 6 years of experience. Just a little background information about myself, I was born and raised here in San Jose and went to San Jose State University graduating with a Business degree in 2013. During my time as a student in college I worked for several organizations that revolved around working with kids. I have worked for Skyhawks sports and the Golden State Warriors Basketball camps. I currently work for the City of San Jose and also serve as the assistant coach for The Harker School Girls Varsity basketball team. I have been with the City of San Jose for almost a year and have been with The Harker School for 5 years. Basketball is my number 1 passion. I love watching kids grow as players and as people. There are a lot of parallels between the game of basketball and how life works. I just hope to uncover and reveal these life lessons to the kids I coach and mentor.

Bia Hotchkiss

I have been coaching for almost 3 years and have been playing for BDL since the very first season in 2005. I have played in the juniors, seniors and the adult league. I’ve been playing basketball since I was nine years old beginning at the YMCA then transitioning to BDL when I was eleven years old until now. I played four years of varsity basketball at Silver Creek High School. When I played for Silver Creek High School, during my junior year I was co-captain and received the Offensive Player award and during my senior year, I was co-captain again and received the Most Valuable Player award and the BVAL First Team All League. Aside from my accomplishments as a player, as a coach, I see it as an accomplishment to watch the kids I coach, improve over time. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that I’m taking part in the kids’ improvement and knowledge as basketball players. The only coaching experience I’ve had has been through BDL coaching the rookie and junior division. I’m coaching mostly because I want to give back to BDL everything that the league has given me all these years – the love and knowledge of the game of basketball, the good memories, and most importantly the people, the coaches who’ve helped grow into the player and person I am today, and the players, who have become some of my greatest friends. I hope that as I coach these kids, they will be able to gain all or some of this through their experiences playing for BDL.

Madi Hotchkiss
Nicky Hotchkiss

I’ve been with BDL as a player and coach. I’ve coached for 4 years mainly coaching the rookies as they develop their skills for the game of basketball. As a player, I’ve been with BDL since 2006. I’ve played basketball my whole life and it evolves around my family. My playing experience arranges around from different leagues and different teams I’ve played for in my playing experience. I’ve played in AAU, NJB, and most of my time spent playing and coaching for BDL. My goal as a coach and player is to become better than you were yesterday. To contribute to everyday success on and off the court, teaching valuable life lessons that were passed down to me. I am coaching because I love the game of basketball. How much more great it is to be apart of something you love when you’re helping others become greater themselves. From my standpoint, coaching is something I must do as a purpose of living.

Leann Miyashiro

This is my second year coaching, but I started playing in BDL since Season 28 (2010). I started playing basketball in a Japanese League from 2003-2008. Then I played 2 years JV and 2 years Varsity basketball at Silver Creek High School. I’m coaching because I love the sport of basketball and love working with kids. I hope to pass on all that I’ve learned and am still learning to the kids. Seeing these kids work hard and improve right in front of me and also have fun at the same time is what makes coaching worthwhile.

Kiira Rodriguez

Coach Kiira started coaching at BDL in 2006. Her playing experience comes from playing basketball for San Jose High School, San Jose State University, and San Jose City College. Her coaching experience includes: Head Coach for Girls’ Varsity at Yerba Buena High School, Head Coach for Girls’ JV at Evergreen Valley High School, Assistant Coach for Girls’ Varsity at Evergreen Valley High School, Head Coach for Girls' Varsity at Notre Dame, and Head Coach for Girls' Varsity at Evergreen Valley High School.