Parents please remember to pick up your child in the gym. Once your child leaves the gym BDL is not held responsible if something were to happen to them. The parking lot is unsupervised and not safe to wait in the dark.
PRACTICE FOR Thursday, March 12.

6:30-7:30 Rookies
6:30-8:30 Junior/Senior


330 Branham Ln
San Jose, CA 95111

Coach Bert started coaching at the YMCA, but left to start his own league (BDL) in order to give the kids more practice time. BDL has always stressed the importance of attending practice and getting the basic fundamentals down. These fundamentals include lay-ups, proper shooting, dribbling, defense, running the floor, and basic offenses. For those in the Junior or Senior Division, there is also the unwritten, unofficial rule that a player will be penalized by less playing time in the game if they do not attend practice.

Practices are designed to give all players within their group the same instruction. Typical practices conducted by other organizations will consist of players practicing among their own assigned team. In BDL, all the players within their division (Rookies, Juniors, and Seniors) are put into one group and practice together. Everyone participates in the same drills. This method provides each player the same opportunity to learn as another player within a group. It is a more efficient way to teach a large group and helps promotes better camaraderie among all the players. There is a head coach that leads and directs the practice for a group and several other coaches available to assist and provide hands-on training as needed. We emphasize the basic fundamentals as mentioned before. All coaches have prior basketball experience and/or coaching experience as well.